hado's folly

September, 2005

Erin came up with us for the weekend and we took her to our usual haunts - the farmers market, downtown Margaretville and Fleischmanns. In Fleischmanns we stopped in at Roberts Auction to see what would be up for bidding that evening. Among all the old furniture and crap I saw a set of really nice flatware and Robert told me it would be going on the block at 7:30. There was also a fabulous painting that happened to be named 'Erin' so we had 2 bidding goals. Back at the ranch later we barbequed and had dinner and built a bonfire. By this time Mark wasn't interested in going back to the auction but Erin and I still wanted to go. Energized by some s'mores I drove us to Fleischmanns. Unfortunately we arrived too late to bid on the painting and flatware. It was already 8:30 and the crowd was thinning as was the quality of the stuff to bid on. Erin bid on some Russian nesting dolls, which turned out to be neither Russian nor nesting. She abandoned one of them in the butter compartment of the refrigerator. Sad. Erin may have incurred some brain damage from the fumes she breathed all night in our combo tool shed/guest room. In any case, we've adopted the lassy and she now stands guard over the kitchen sink.

The cats are finally installed.

The kitties await their stove friend.

We took a walk to show Erin the view that we're hoping to uncover by cutting down some of the new growth trees. Mark has maps to figure out which mountains we're looking at.

That's me and the future view from the porch after those annoying trees are gone.

Our bonfire with Mark as fire marshall dowsing the sparks with his trusty hose.

Roberts! I love this place. Robert is a "martinet" according to Erin - he yelled at Erin and Mark for whispering almost as soon as we sat down.

The refrigerator refugee.

Glamour shot.