hado's folly

September, 2007

We had a great turnout and great weather for the Labor Day Hado/McManus fest. Need a catchier name for that. Ed and Hope and family came for the first time. And Laura and Lauren and my Aunt Anne were also up to the cabin for the first time. It was really fun. But we were having such a good time that we forgot to take pictures! We just have a few of people relaxing after dinner. And a few action shots from the next day. Oh well.

Mark set up a shooting gallery down in the woods and there was a lot of action down there. After dinner some of us took a walk to the secret room up the hill but most of the kids wouldn't come because there was a massive airsoft battle going on. I really wish I had a picture of that! We had a big bonfire after dark and I tried out my new burn can, a metal garbage can with holes in it so the fire gets lots of air. Mike and Eric brought fireworks and Pat got some for his birthday so we had a big fireworks show.

A bunch of us had birthdays and Kathleen made a cake with everybody's name on it. Unfortunately, one of the cats knocked off the stairs so all the names got smushed - upsidedown cake! Luckily, it had a secure cover on it and the cake was fine. And delicious!

After dinner

Mildred, Lisa, Hope and Becky female bonding after dinner.

After dinner

Eric, Bill, Chris and moi.

After dinner

Lauren, Laura, Meghan and Ryan behind Laura. Not a great picture but it's all we've got!

After dinner

Brad ponders thirds?.


The new shooting gallery down in the woods. Eric's rock table in the foreground, targets in the distance.


The targets with wooden barriers to protect against ricochet. The white circles are cat food tin lids. No moving ducks . . . yet.


This yellow one was a smiley face. Didn't last long.


One of our new swinging bullet-proof steel targets. They make a very pleasing clang when hit. By Eric of course!


Pat and Madeline doing some archery the next morning.


Pat looks like he knows what he's doing.


Pat showing Sawyer the bow.


Madeline on the porch. So grown up!



on the porch

Sawyer, Eric and me hanging on the porch. Eric and I are probably planning another fabulous structure we're going to put up in the woods.


Eddie teaching Sawyer about croquet. Or golf?

sheila and eric

I'm reading the paper and Eric sits down in the hammock. He's not totally committed, though. His feet are still on the ground.


My garden is looking pretty nice. Kind of overgrown but purty.


Somewhere in the woods.