hado's folly

September, 2005

I got two lilac bushes and two hydrangeas for my birthday. I've had my eye on this big bush right in the middle of the field/yard as a perfect spot for some lilacs. It's hard work pulling out the roots and the ground is full of rocks. The plan is to use the little rocks for gravel for the driveway and the big rocks for a rock wall around my other flower garden area. This took 2 days. Meanwhile, Mark dug out the culvert, cut down some trees, worked out a design for the corners of the fireplace and made dinner.

My next victim. This weedy bush is about to be replaced.

Ouch. My back.

24 hours later: my lovely handiwork.

Two lilacs and two hydrangeas. Robin told me it takes 7 years for lilacs to flower. That can't be true. Right?

Mark standing in the culvert (ditch for you city folks). He's digging out the dirt that's jamming up the drain. Or something.

Here's Mark tiling so fast that everything is a blur.

The tiles in progress.

The corner tiles design in progress.