hado's folly

September, 2006

Alex and Robin and Roger came up for the last weekend of September. The first thing all said was, "How did you find this place?!". Most people think they have to be in the wrong place when they come down our section of the road. Robin and Alex came via the (not-so-scenic according to Alex) scenic route and sort of staggered out of their car upon arrival.

Unfortunately the weather was, once again, really awful. We mostly huddled inside and took a few walks around the countryside. And we went to the Margaretville Cauliflower festival. But we got there a little late and all the cauliflowers were gone! Except for some mini cauliflowers that came in orange, purple and green besides the usual white. We bought some of them and Robin roasted them with brussel sprouts and potatoes. Delicious!

After a delightful dinner

We took a walk down to our neighbor's pond.

Staring off into the mountains. We visit here often. One might call it trespassing. But we've been told that it's totally cool.

Further down the road we checked out the animals at Steve's place. We didn't have any snacks for the horses so they didn't welcome us.