hado's folly

September, 2006

One of Mark's colleagues told him he'd be buying a gun soon after we bought the cabin. I didn't get it at the time. I still don't really. But Mark is really into guns - right now he has an obsession with airsoft guns, which are toy replicas of real guns. They shoot little plastic pellets. It's dopey but better (safer and cheaper) than having a bunch of real guns around.

The leaves started to change this weekend and lots of them had been blown away in rainstorms. The gardening season is coming to an end and I realized that I haven't done much. So I bought a little blue spruce tree and planted it.

First thing in the morning Mark is outside shooting. In his union suit.

Wildflowers outside the barn. Cosmos.

The sun came out for a little while on Sunday so we took a bunch of pictures. It was rainy and overcast for most of the weekend.

The leaves turning.

My little blue spruce. Will be 30 feet tall in 30 years. Do I need to mention that I hope we're alive then?!

The garden area I planted this year was kind of a flop. A few of the plants I planted stayed alive. None of the seeds came up and the butterfly bush died. Poor drainage is the culprit.