hado's folly

September, 2006

On Labor Day weekend we had a bbq with all of the McManus's and Hado's that we could entice up to the Catskills. The weather had been horrendous and no one knew if it was going to pour or be a decent day. Good weather was pretty much out of the question. We were really happy to have an excellent turnout. And the weather was not terrible. The sun peeked out a couple times.

We had a lot of target shooting and then some war games with airsoft guns, a new craze in our little world. Some baseball and volleyball was played. And we went for walks and ate a lot. And had a big bonfire when it got dark.

We're hoping for better weather next Labor Day.

Becky and Carly chilling on the porch.

Brad and Lisa chatting whilst Lisa embroiders.

Mike taking a turn at target shooting.

Brandon with an airsoft gun. I like the beer bottle here. Guns and booze.

I think there's something going on with Emily and Brandon here.

Lisa and Kathleen.

Carly looking very glamorous with the 22.

These expressions look like Carly is tragically missing the targets. Or maybe the guys are amazed at what an awesome shot she is.

The targets in question. They're pretty cool - sort of Jasper Johnish. Mark's work.

Drew is an excellent shot.

Dinner under a tarp that Mark and Eric put up.

Food galore.