hado's folly

October, 2005

At last, with all the tiles in place: S-DAY! Gerry Eagleston (The Chimney Trooper) and friend finally install the stove. After much measuring and muttering it's concluded that we have no choice but to make a new hole in the roof for proper clearance for the new chimney. While Team Trooper are messing around on the roof, Mark worked to close up the old hole. They weren't able to finish that day. Too bad since the the next day it actually snowed!



The chimney had to be moved over due to those pesky fire regulations.

Mark helping out.

Gerry and his colleague up on the roof.

Cool scaffolding!

We got the stove in just in time because Sunday morning brought this!

The weather is a melodrama in the Catskills. Getting out of the driveway was pretty melodramatic too.