hado's folly

October, 2005

This weekend was rainy and the leaves were changing colors and falling. The change was pretty dramatic from one day to the next. I was determined to keep digging out the stump and kept at it even in the rain. I thought it would be easier since the earth would be loosened by the rain but mud is heavier than dirt so it was a little harder to dig. I disturbed 3 toads while I was at it. The first one appeared after I had jammed the pitchfork into the earth and I was afraid I'd hurt him because he crawled away so slowly. But it turns out that toads hibernate in the earth in October and they don't actually move very quickly under any circumstances. I hope they found new homes.

Mark stayed inside messing around with the tiles. Every now and then he'd pop out and ask me how it was going.

The trees to the west have changed a lot more than the others.

This tree looked gorgeous on Saturday.

The same tree on Sunday.

My muddy glory.

These gloves may not recover. I washed them and hung them up to dry but the prognosis is uncertain.

The next day the ground is less muddy and Stumpy is hanging in there.

One of the toads tries to get away from my weapons of toady destruction.

I love this picture. Mark came and picked up the toad so I could take a picture of his sleepy face. The background is in perfect focus and the toad is a blur.

This one is just plain out of focus. I was too nervous for the toad to focus the camera.