hado's folly

October, 2006

On Sunday we walked down to visit the animals at Steve's. He and his wife rescue horses and donkeys. We brought carrots to feed them.

Then we visited the outdoor living room.

I'm holding the carrot wrong. You're supposed to just have it in the palm of your hand to avoid any biting mistakes.

Beauregard - Sheila was in love with him.

I'm a little fearful and the carrots are all gone.

This guy is wondering where the carrots went.

A teeny tiny donkey on top of a horse!

Horses make us happy.

Kevin's into the ferns. I'm guessing.

Up in the outdoor living room. On someone else's property. I want to make one in our woods.

Hanging out in the plastic Adirondack chairs. Very comfy.

The outdoor fireplace.

I love the bent twig fences.

Close up.