hado's folly

October, 2006

Sheila and Kevin came up with us later in October. It was getting kind of wintry outside but still pretty. On Saturday we went for a hike in the park and then went to Fleishmanns to Robert's Auction to see what was there.

At Robert's we bumped into Roger, an old friend, who had recently bought a house in Fleischmanns. Very exciting. We went over to check it out. He bought the house furnished in high 70's style. Sheila detected a key party vibe. I wasn't feeling it but the bar upstairs was sorta swinging.

Kevin and Sheila catching up on the Heather/Paul debacle.

Our first Catskills hike. It was steep.

Not so steep.

We came upon this weird desk on the trail. What can it be for? The picture doesn't show the weird scale - the chair is giant sized.

In Fleishmanns near the auction Sheila made a beeline for this house. It's for sale and really cute in case anyone's interested.

At Roger's he found this Japanese Maple when he cleared away a bunch of bushes.

Roger's house - on the other side of the house there's a covered wooden bridge over the stream.

Chair on pedestal.

Down by the stream.