hado's folly

October, 2006

The first weekend of October was really nice, warm and breezy. The moon was full too and Mark took some pictures Friday night when we arrived.

I decided to dig up another area of scraggly bushes to make another flower bed. There were a bunch of big bush roots but now that I have a pick ax it is so much easier to dig them out. Ol‘ stumpy has a lot of company now.

The cabin by night.

The next morning - our wildflower bouquet.

I love the moonshadows.

The morning view.

Max heading out on a little hunting trip.

Max mostly seems to just look - I don't think he ever catches a thing.

Starting my new clearing project.

Digging with my trusty pick ax. It's changed my life.

Pulling out rocks. It's half dirt and half rocks here.

A quick pile of rocks. Mark is going to make a wall with these!

Scraggly roots. I just read that these don't really burn but are good for fences. I think I'm going to make a fence to keep the deer away from my bably spruce tree.

Hanging out in the hammock after working soooo hard.

The view from the hammock.

Mark spent the day shooting at these cans. Unbelievable!