hado's folly

October, 2005

Eric and his work crew, Andrew and Alex, came up and helped us cut down some trees. It turned into a very macho weekend. Andrew chopped down 8 or 9 trees with an ax, Alex whittled some swords and then there was a lot of gunplay. Meanwhile, I continued my struggle with the tree stump.

Mark is finishing off the tiles. Robin's beautiful cat tiles have been installed in the corners.

You can see the other cat tile in the background here. These pictures are a big blur but the colors are accurate and Mark looks good wearing his brand new camouflage pillbox hat.

Mark with his new chainsaw surveying his domain.

Andrew wielding an ax.

Eric and Andrew loading up the trailer with tree branches to haul them over to dry out for future bonfires.

If you look closely you'll see an underage driver. And Alex whittling away.

Nice shot.

Alex loading his weapon.

No animals died in the shooting, but some cans bit the dust.

Ah! Magic hour with guns.

Next morning. Andrew peeps out of the loft.

After breakfast Eric whips up a chair! It's a Hudson Valley chair.

Alex demonstrates his amazing fighting technique.

Eric relaxing in the new chair.

Stumpy McRoot, my nemisis. He doesn't look like much but he's a fighter. His days are numbered. Not sure what that number is, though.

The clearing is getting bigger. There's an opening down to the stone wall now.

And now we can actually see the mountain to the west.