hado's folly

November, 2005

Just doing a few odds and ends before winter arrives. Mark patches the extra chimney hole, I finally get Stumpy out of the ground and Eric makes a scary big bonfire. Plus we had a visit from a skunk. He was kind of cute. The next day we were talking to our neighbor, Ludwig, and he told us about the skunk he shot that morning. So sad.

Mark up on the roof patching the old chimney hole.

Patch patch patch.

Finally we have fire!!!

Hmmm. Which color should we stain the cabin? It needs a paint job pretty bad.

The black and white blur is a little skunk that cheerily waddled around the cabin and down the hill.

Stumpy has gone to his final resting place.

Our last bonfire of the season. Eric and Andrew made it a marathon, burning up all the remaining piles of brush.

Drew staring into the flames.