hado's folly

May, 2007

This is Memorial Day weekend and it feels like anything is possible gardening-wise. Steve, our awesome neighbor, dropped off a bunch of manure and I spread it all over the place. I planted a bunch of flowers and plants and I'm expecting great things. Mark hund a hummingbird feeder and we're getting lots of visits.

Mark put this hummingbird feeder up and we're getting a lot of visits. They are so cool

We only see one bird at a time so can't tell if there are a bunch of them or only one. One very hungry bird.

Bonanza! Heaps o manure.

I put a bunch in here - we're going to make a big garden area here. Starting by building up the soil. With lots of manure!

Another new garden area under the Hawthorn tree. I'm planting shade-loving plants here. A Liguria Dentata and a Bi-color Monkshood.

And on this side some asgertums. Or something like that.

The dirt bowl is sprouting a little.

I planted some flowers in between the giant weeds. I still haven't figured out that these are weeds yet.

Resting after all that gardening exertion.

The cats on the prowl at night. Big Boy is staring into the rocks - favorite pastime.