hado's folly

May, 2007

This is the third weekend in May and it's all about the garden. This has to be the most boring website ever. I'm pretty much just documenting the state of my plants here but it's a real memory aid for me. So if anyone is actually reading this, my apologies. There are a couple cat pictures, too, for total cliche-ness.

This looks like a bowl of dirt but it will soon be a wildflower bonanza.

This is my garden that I got going last year. The three plants in the front are actually weeds. I thought they were Columbine but soon I will have to acknowledge the sad truth.

A coneflower from last year in the foreground and a Clematis growing on this cool trellis we got from Mark's mom. Gnome gazes on.

I can't believe how well this guy is doing! He was just a stick at the end of last summer.

Big Boy chilling in the loft.

And nuzzling the cherub.