hado's folly

May, 2007

The weather is changing like crazy. IT goes from beautiful sunshine to bizarro clouds. Mark is focussing on cleaning and restaining the cabin. We're hoping to get the 2 small sides done this summer. The wood has to be cleaned with a bleach solution to kill mold, then painted with a stain. I'm making mulch from branches we've trimmed.

Spooky clouds. Ten minutes ago it was sunny.

My lilacs and hydrangeas are really not growing much.

This little guy came back - yay! This should spread out a little, I hope.

Not much happening here. The coneflower plant in the middle came back. The three plants in the front look healthy.

Here I am with the wood chipper. This picture makes me think I either have to lose weight and work out more or do some retouching. Yikes.

Mark cleaning the logs with the bleach solution.

Yeah, cleaning!

Nice and mold-free.