hado's folly

May, 2006

We went up for a long weekend the week before Memorial Day. It was beautiful on Saturday and snowed on Sunday. Lucky for us it cleared up on Monday for the barn raising or shed inflation, depending on your persepecive.

This is Saturday. Everything nice and green and spring-y.

On Sunday winter returnes.

Monday morning the site is waiting for the guys to come.

Monday evening. Ta Da! Unfortunatley the site wasn't as flat as Mark thought so the doors are way above the ground. Steps and a ramp have to be added.

This is what happened in the time elapsed between the 2 pictures above. Truck arrives with prefab barn/shed.

Construction guys unloading parts.

Laying the floor down and noticing how slanted it is. Oops.

They propped up the floor on blocks to make the floor level and start putting up the walls.

Doors on.

Looks nice from the side.

Roof beams.

And roof!

Nice green roof.

So cute!

I spent the day trying to fill in the giant hole I dug for the garden. It's turned into a pond and I realized that I shouldn't have dug it so deep. So some of the rocks go back in. D'oh.