hado's folly

May, 2005

This was our big wood stove demolition weekend. Earl (the former owner) told us he bought this antique, ca. 1859 wood stove at a flea market. It was cool looking but useless as far as heating the place goes (also not up to code and we couldn't get insurance if we used it) so we're replacing it. We were both enthusiastic about smashing stuff but it turned out to be really hard work. The stove came out easily but there was a big faux field stone wall and floor around it that was really hard to take out. Lots of chiseling and hammering and whatnot. Exhausting. But we got most of it cleared away. And the old stove has now become a lovely plant holder and table on the porch.

Before: the old stove with faux fieldstones around it. It has 2 burners and a bread oven. It's also got some holes. It's a fire hazard.

After: ipod takes over as our entertainment center.

Mark with sledge hammer and glee prepares for demolition.

Taking out the stove was the easy part. The "fieldstones" were jammed into cement and were really hard to remove.

Magic hour with beer. The stove gets a new lease on life as a planter and snack tray.

Mark demonstrates his relaxation technique. Max scurries.