hado's folly

March, 2007

This is the last weekend of March, first time up since last fall. The house was in better shape than we expected. Mark thought the shed was going to settle funny but it was fine. I thought there would be lots of mouse doody but there was just a bit. There were some strange things with mouse bites taken out of them - a sponge, a candle. They pried off the top of a can of Coleman's dried mustard and ate a bunch of it. And left a ton of shit in the can too. Weird.

It's a little embarassing to admit this but I asked for a wood chipper for Christmas. We've been cutting down little trees and they end up getting burned. And I buy mulch. So I thought it would be really great to make my own wood chips for mulching and compost. So we stopped at Home Depot on the way up and bought the machine in the pictures below. I thought we could get a little chipper but they come in large and xtra large. We ended up getting extra large. It's really loud. We're calling it the Beast.

I also knocked down a couple hundred caterpillar cocoons that had attached themselves to the shed. We've had really bad caterpillar infestations the last few years and I read that you had to burn the cocoons. So I did. Yuk. Did not document this grossness with pix.

Here's the chipper with me for scale.

The Beast. Not what I expected but it gets the wood chipped and the brush shredded.