hado's folly

March, 2005

We closed on the house on St. Patricks day and took these pictures the day after. This was the first time we saw it on a sunny day. Much cheerier. We bought some snowshoes on the way up and went tromping around to check out the property.

Mountains to the west.

I ponder a plastic gas can. Wonder what that's doing there?

Mark hangs a little bell that came all the way from the house in Queens.

It still looks kinda Clampetty even in the sunshine! But we love it!

Mark's changing his name to Jed.

A little stream!

An outdoor shower on adjacent property. We've since learned that most of our neighbors started out with just campsites - not to be confused with our own HAUNTED shower stall!

Pretty stone wall.

This path goes down to our neighbors place. It looks like a good cross-country skiing run too.

Cool old tree.