hado's folly

June, 2006

Later in the week we went for a great bike ride on a Rails to Trails bike path that starts in Roxbury, the next town over. It was a gorgeous night. We saw some interesting birds and just missed seeing a black bear climbing out of a tree.Lisa and Bill and Chris and Alex came up for the weekend and we had a good time but didn't document it very well so our pictures are a little vague.

Off for a little bike ride.

The bike trail.

This was the summer solstice night and after our bike ride we drove to Andes to our fave Mexican place and came upon this great sunset.

Caterpillers were here I bet.

Bill and Alex.

Alex and Chris having country fun by hitting each other with sticks!

So much better than those video games.

No idea what we're looking at but I wanted to get a picture of Lisa in here and this is the only one I have from the weekend.

I like your shirt, Alex. Feeling very sleepy.