hado's folly

June, 2006

The next weekend we had a bunch of wildflowers coming up. We stayed up for the week and Mark built new steps for the porch. I am so happy everytime I step on them because the old steps were rickety and completely un-userfriendly.

Wild flowers.

Blue flower.

Red flower and yellow flower.

Red flower with spider and web!

Mark making the base for the steps.

More step action. Note the new mattress on the porch. Comfy for our guests. We still had the guest room full of tools and stuff at this point so the mattress had to chill on the porch.

Steps half done.

And done! This picture really doesn't do them justice. You have to step on them to appreciate them fully.

The guest room decorations. Mark wants to call the room the Long Island room but I don't see how the gun and still life fit in with the theme.

More cool stuff that I found while digging in the garden.