hado's folly

June, 2005

Eric came up to help replace rotting roof facia on the west side of the house. Earlier, we drove from Home Depot-Kingston with four 2x12"x12' boards sticking out the back of the car in a blinding Catskill rain storm. Mark was into it, Sheila threatened divorce.

The work begins, in perfect brotherly harmony, disturbed only by the clashing haberdashery.

One up. Eat our sawdust, Norm!

The beginning of my compost heap. I don't have a garden yet but my compost mania is taking hold.

I hauled a bunch of rocks to make a path to the heap - trying to subdue the weeds.

Meanwhile, inside the house, we rented a truck, and got some furniture out of storage. Not cozy yet, but it's a start.

The guest bedroom quickly becomes a storage room.

Bigboy manages to get comfy.