hado's folly

July 16, 2005

Sheila had to work this weekend, so I went up by myself. My mission: build the Ring Of Fire. My inspiration was prehistoric cooking circles we saw in Ireland. So I blazed a path to a remote section of stone wall and relocated a few for our campfires, on a very hot and humid afternoon. Amazingly hard work! How do you say s'mores in Gaelic? (sure, we'll have to be askin' Uncle Pat now)

A composite shot (4 merged photos), taken while I recovered from mining some rocks from a stone wall.

Pile of crap with wheel barrow. There are a few piles of stuff here and there on the property. This is one of the biggest, consisting of leftover stuff from the cabin's construction.

The remains of our first campfire. Lot'sa crap to still to go - might need a bigger Ring . . .

Ode to a shade tree.