hado's folly

July, 2007

Lisa, Bill, Chris and Alex came up for a weekend anw we had a great time and good weather. I'm writing this in December so I can't remember much of what we did. My guess is that we had some good food and conversation.


Mark says this picture proves you can't have too many binoculars. Everybody's checking out the wasp nest way up near the peak of the roof.


The next day Mark shot the wasp nest to kingdom come with his airsoft gun.


Chris and Mark having an airsoft battle. Chris's safety mask is is a cross between Darth Vader & a Mexican wrestler's - pretty disconcerting!


How did it come to this?


"Chris pops up for a quick shot. The tall grass was a good spot for an ambush.


Mark is done. He lost the battle but looks so happy! Resting in the cool grass? Plotting his revenge? 72 virgins?


Coneflowers and other plant whose name I don't recall.

flower and bee

I love watching bees gathering pollen. It's a bonus of native flowers. Hybrid plants look great but the bees ignore them.


My sunflower is doing great. Only one came up but it's a good one.


I got a couple astilbes at the farmers market.


Yay! Tomatos are growing. Can't wait to eat them!


I love the look on Chris' face. A little bored but putting up with us.