hado's folly

July, 2007

A quiet weekend. Here are some pictures of my plants in progress. Probably of no interest to anyone but me. This website is a memory aid for me. In case you wondered why anyone would put such dull pictures on a site.


Mark loves his binoculars. He uses these to look at stars at night. And birds by day.


Can't see much today.


The wildflowers are coming up. Mark throws a bunch of seeds in this big thing and different flowers keep popping up.


The trellis with bleeding heart plant on the left and honeysuckle on the right.

Joe Pye Weed

Joe Pye Weed growing nicely.

tomato plants

Tomato plants doing well.


My main garden with coneflowers, clematis, sunflower and various other plants.


Lilacs and hydrangeas. Too close together and I'm going to have to move something but not ready to do it yet.