hado's folly

December, 2004

We took these pictures in December when we were trying to decide whether to put a bid on the house or not. The owners stuff was still inside and the place looked kinda funky. The weather was cold and damp and the sky was overcast. Not inspiring. Eric found a couple problem areas and a window upstairs fell apart when we tried to close it.

We were not deterred!

This is the living room - looks even tinier when it's cluttered up.

Curtains are a total waste when there's no one around for miles. In my humble opinion.

The mountain view that disappeared when summer came.

Flyswatter. Didn't notice this until one of Mark's colleagues pointed it out. Uh oh.

Eric's spotted something bad. Mark looks stressed. Andrew is freezing.

That nasty black rpt on the roof facia.

I see some possibilities here.