hado's folly

Hadofest, 2005

A heaping helping o' Hados! Err, a helping heap o' Hados. Eric came with Andrew, chainsaw and minibike and the party was on. Soon Lisa, Bill, Chris and Alex arrived and pitched in. Then Ryan rolled in. We had a blast and got all kinds of stuff done. Well, Eric got all kinds of stuff done mostly. But everyone else helped out with the tree felling, fire pit expansion and bench building.

Eric weilding his mighty chainsaw.

Drew and Mark making piles of firewood and moving them from place to place.

Lisa looking very glamorous with this cutting device which I don't have a name for. Someone help me here.

This is our big old tree that we're trying to expose. There's a nice old stone wall down there too. And a view of the mountains (some day).

Chris getting ready to ride.

Ryan riding the minibike with his ever so safe goggles!

Alex getting in some gameboy time.

Ryan showing a little more dignity here on his excellent bike. Eric whipped up the bench in a half hour or so with some wood from under the porch.

Here we are eating in the pitch dark. I really have to streamline the bbq preparations in the future.

Drew with some nice product placement.

We had a bonfire at the newly expanded firepit. And some delicious s'mores.

It's the next morning and Chris is still spacing out at the firepit. Chris, Alex and Andrew slept in the tent and heard coyotes howling in the night.

A walk in the woods, Eric looks for his leg.

Lisa, Mark and I put our heads together and came up with this tile design. Nice!