hado's folly

August, 2006

Erin, Ross and Walter came up for the weekend. The Margeretville flea market was our enticement. It's a big event in town and there's lots of good stuff there. My main purchase this year was a set of 4 parlor chairs. And a cute little lamp. First we made a stop at the farmer's market at the round barn. Ross and Walter arrived in the afternoon and we had a bbq.

The next day we went to Woodchuck Lodge in Roxbury. It's the homestead of John Burroughs who was a naturalist and a major guy around the beginning of the twentieth century. He wrote about growing up in the Catskills and extolled the benefits of being close to the natural world. His house is as he left it with all his furniture, books and mementos.

Then we checked out an exhibit of antique wallpaper at the Hunting Tavern in Andes. Very cool show of wallpaper from houses in the town. Erin's favorite wallpaper can be seen below.

We took a little stroll around the grounds and I showed Erin my Joe Pye Weed plants.

We came upon this bearutiful caterpillar. A few days later the NY Times had an article and picture of the same caterpiller. He/she will become a Monarch butterfly.

The round barn where the farmer's market is held. It's over 100 years old.

Took a drive and Erin wanted to get out to take some shots of the view.

Apres BBQ.
(Photo: EC)

Walter and Ross looking adorable.
(Photo: EC)

At Woodchuck Lodge Mark and Erin orate in unison. Walter and I listen politely.

Another view of the Lodge.
(Photo: EC)

Erin's favorite wallpaper. She's got a thing for cowboys.
(Photo: EC)

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