hado's folly

Hado's Folly

Hado's Folly is a jokey name that I gave to a log cabin that Mark and I bought in the Catskills in 2005. When the realtor took us to see it my first impression was "Clampetty!". The steps to the porch were propped up on cinder blocks and the general feeling was hillbilly. Then Earl, the owner, burst out the front door and proceeded to describe the place with loving, enthusiastic and slightly manic pride. Inside it was dark and cluttered and we politely took Earl's tour but neither of us was overwhelmed. Later, though, Mark said he kept thinking about the place. I had been, too. And since it was the first place we agreed on we kept talking about it and went back to see it again. It actually looked worse the second time but we ended up buying it anyway. By the time we bought it Mark was starting to sound like Earl and I was feeling like it was a big mistake. Hence, Hado's folly. Since then I've changed my mind and I'm almost as enthusiastic as Mark.

This site is a kind of home improvement diary. The cabin was so funky to start with that I want to keep track of our improvements. And also post pictures for family and friends to check out. Mark and I are both writing captions and text so don't be surprised if suddenly the tone changes drastically. And it's always under construction so links that don't work will probably go someplace in the future.